Discover Nostradamus Saint-Rémy de Provence

Discover Nostradamus by following in his footsteps in Saint-Rémy de Provence. For this, put your luggage at the Hotel Gounod and let the magic operate for a unique stay.

Birthplace of the famous doctor and astrologer of the Renaissance, the beautiful small village of Saint-Rémy de Provence is a must for anyone who wants to discover Nostradamus.

First of all, it is with particular emotion and interest that the discovery of the birthplace of Michel de Nostredame, better known throughout the world under the mysterious name of Nostradamus, is made. This building, which belonged to his great grandfather Jean de Saint-Rémy, is located in the historic city center of Saint-Rémy de Provence in the rue des Barri (or the Remparts). No need to search for this name on your map or enter it in your GPS, this street was successively renamed "rue de l'Hôpital" then "rue Hoche". This is its current name, and it is at number 6 that is the home of Nostradamus, which was born in Saint-Rémy de Provence on December 4, 1503.

Then, discover the beautiful Nostradamus fountain in the eponymous street of Saint-Rémy de Provence, located a few minutes walk from the Hotel Gounod. It is surmounted by a sculpture of the bust of Nostradamus and is an ideal place, shaded and typical of the local architecture, to make a stopover during your pedestrian discovery of Saint-Rémy de Provence.

Finally, do not hesitate to visit the Nostradamus Museum of Salon-de-Provence, Provencal village located a few minutes from Saint-Remy de Provence and where Nostradamus lived the last part of his life, especially under the protection of Catherine de Medici.

To enjoy the good life of Provence during your discovery of Nostradamus, the Hotel Gounod Saint-Remy de Provence is air-conditioned, equipped with a pleasant pool area and many quality amenities.