Weekend in Saint-Rémy de Provence

Saint-Rémy de Provence, commune of the South of France nestled in the mountain range of Alpilles, awaits you to live a weekend which will remain engraved in your memory.
For a weekend of escape and relaxation in the footsteps of Vincent Van Gogh, discovering the vast Provençal heritage or simply in the intriguing calm of Saint-Rémy de Provence.

Come to spend a weekend in Saint-Rémy de Provence, it is the insurance to be charmed by this typical village that the Provençaux nickname "the small capital of Alpilles". We breathe the good smells of Provence books Frédéric Mistral, born in Maillane, neighboring village of Saint-Rémy de Provence. It is a delight to stroll through the small streets of the village, to stop in the serenity of the wooded squares or to quench your thirst at the terrace of one of the many bars listening to the sound of the pétanque balls that clash and mingle with laughter.
The excellent restaurants of Saint-Rémy de Provence invite you to discover fresh quality products, cooked in a traditional and refined way to exalt all the flavors of the Provençal soil, by linking modern techniques and respecting ancestral recipes. Complement your weekend by visiting local craft shops, various shops, Marseille soap making workshops, and attending or participating in the festivities that give life to Saint-Rémy de Provence over the seasons.

There are also remarkable archaeological sites in Saint-Rémy de Provence. With a view to a cultural weekend full of history, you can visit the Glanum, ancient Gallic city with Greek influence, taken by the Roman Empire and finally sacked by the Barbarians in the 2nd century, and the survivors founded the village that will become Saint-Rémy de Provence.
Simply separated from the Glanum by a county road, the "Antiques" of Saint-Rémy de Provence proudly enthroned at the foot of the Alpilles. This is the Arc de Triomphe, which served as the gateway to the Gallo-Roman oppidum, and the Mausoleum of the Julii, commonly called Tomb of the Jules by the inhabitants of Saint-Rémy de Provence.

The Gounod Hotel is the ideal hotel for a weekend in Saint-Rémy de Provence. This green oasis in the city center of Saint-Rémy de Provence guarantees a calm and relaxing atmosphere. The services offered are of high quality, with our cozy and elegant rooms, our pool area equipped with a spa and a sauna, or our lounge bar faithful to the spirit of the places that promise you a unique and pleasant weekend. in a charming hotel.

Compose your ideal weekend between hiking, tasting local wines or idleness. Saint-Rémy de Provence offers you 300 days of sunshine during the year and the pleasure of tasting the Provençal way of life.