Where did Charles Gounod write his major work ?

You certainly know the French musician Charles Gounod, illustrious composer of the nineteenth century. You have probably already heard some notes, or all, of his major work entitled Mireille. But did you know that Charles Gounod had spent a few months in Saint-Rémy de Provence ? Do you know who inspired the Parisian musician during the composition of his opera ? Where did Charles Gounod write his major work ? We will try to inform you a little about this before your stopover at the Hotel Gounod.

During a stay in Saint-Rémy de Provence, Charles Gounod met the famous Provençal poet Frédéric Mistral, future winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature. The two men became friends, and Mistral proposed to Gounod to settle for some time in Saint-Remy de Provence. The composer then took up his quarters in an inn in the area of ​​Ville-Verte, which will later be restored to open again under the name of Hotel Gounod.

Charles Gounod asked for a piano, which was delivered to him quickly and he set to work, inspired by the atmosphere of Saint-Rémy de Provence. He wrote his major work, Mireille, here on the basis of a poem by his friend Mistral entitled Mirèio. This is the sad story of two young lovers who are denied the right to love each other, in the burning decor of Provence of yesteryear.

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